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Manpower Support

The intricacies of visa proceedings and legal formalities are abundant but do not let them be a hindrance to the success of your business here in the Middle East. Small businesses and corporate entities alike face difficulties getting permission to start operations in a foreign country. National Falcon has the expertise to help you with all the procedures and formalities to start your business. Our services will ensure that you experience no delays in the procedures due to incomplete or improper submission of the documents. Our staff will handle all of the necessary English to Arabic translations, Ministry procedures, and paperwork to ensure your enterprise operates lawfully.
Listed below are a few things that we offer as part of our Sponsorship Services.

Employee Visa Processing

English to Arabic translation

Company Labor File

Host Nation Services

Local and Customs Assistance

Vehicle Acquisition

Dependent Visa Processing

Lodging and Accommodations

Legal Assistance


In today's changing business environment, organizations need to define their long-term and short-term manpower requirements. While some people may be required on an ongoing basis, others may be required only on for a per-project basis. We conduct preliminary interviews and shortlist candidates as per the requirement of the client. Visualizing these needs, we have structured our manpower services to meet your every need.


Strategic Support



National Falcon provides the know-how and advise for contract management and control process solutions necessary to administer purchase orders and subcontracts.

Our procurement experience brings unparalleled leadership and experience to developing proven supply chain solutions, ensuring that our clients receive what it promised, when it is promised, in a timely, well-executed manner.

National Falcon effectively manages the procurement of regional projects large and small, creating top-to- bottom consistency throughout the entire logistics, delivery and installation process.

Through our contacts and business partners in the GCC and Asia, we are able to penetrate logistically complex locations, providing our partners clients a robust shipping advantage.

Fleet Management

National Falcon understands the issues that international companies face while operating in foreign environments. It's our goal to take the stress out and assist you in managing your fleet with our comprehensive fleet management service providers.

Small-to-medium enterprises and large corporations alike can enjoy a complete suite of fleet management.

National Flacon knows that the long-term cost of running your fleet can have a big impact on the profitability of your company. Therefore, we make it a priority to provide you with vehicles that deliver greater performance and efficiency and better deals.

We offer a full suite of services for fleets consisting of passenger vehicles right through to heavy commercial vehicles.

Commercial Leasing

Accommodations and Labor Camps:
National Falcon will assist you and offer many options in accommodation services in a wide variety of sizes, locations, and amenities which are sure to fulfill your requirements, specifications and budget.

Whether Short or Long-Term Service Agreements are needed, we can provide the accommodations required to fit any corporation.

We will also advise best locations in Kuwait that will suite your project or living requirement, from fully furnished, unfurnished apartments, labor camps or villas National Flacon can provide it all through our good and long relationship with local real estate companies.

We also take care of any maintenance issues that may arise. In addition, we offer as part of our services for those coming in country for short periods of time for special meetings, and conferences, fast hotel booking with corporate rates.

Import and Export

By adhering to your personal or project needs as industry standards, our Procurement & Logistics experience becomes handy in facilitating process strategy, planning and implementation, ending in a result that is innovative and reliable without over-inflated cost.

Our Logistics management process involves numerous elements and we only implement the best logistic management practices. Through long-standing relationships with other vendors and partners, we are able to focus on collaboration rather than competition which help to substantially reduce expenses:

- Customs Clearance & Types of Delivery Sea / Air / Land
- Hazardous, Perishable and Time Sensitive
- Transit to / from GCC and Asia regions
- Free Trade Zone facilities
- Freight Forwarding and Global network
- Full Local Logistics Management
- Customs clearance & cargo handling
- Warehousing & Open Air Storage