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right partner

We believe that the success of any international business is the


National Falcon is an independent local company located in the central part of Kuwait City. It works with major oil companies and the local government. We are a partnership-based company that fully understands the potentials and opportunities in Kuwait and the region. We also have the strength to provide full support to our partners who work in Kuwait and the surrounding regions. We have a strong local presence and the skills required to help provide business advice, resource management and process management. We like doing things the right way and keeping our partners satisfied.

We can open opportunities and provide qualification approvals for our clients in Kuwait with entities such as KOC, KNPC, PIC.

We always keep an eye on every new development. But, crucially, we consider how major clients and governmental procedures work when it comes to formalities and processes before the execution of any project.

The National Falcon team are experts in their field, driven to be innovative
and always looking into future plans.